CSR Signs Line 1 Subway Vehicle Contract with Wuxi

2012-04-10 10:44:32
Summary: The first train will be delivered in around March 2013, and all vehicles will be delivered by June 1, 2014.

On March 21, the 138-vehicle Subway Contract of Wuxi Subway Line 1 including traction system Project is signed in Wuxi. A year later, Wuxi people will be able to experience high-end metro vehicles carefully developed by CSR which highlight Wuxi’s unique culture and urban characteristics. Vehicles of Wuxi Metro Line 1 are manufactured by CSR Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. CSR Zhuzhou. CSR Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd. CSR ZELRI and CSR Zhuzhou Electric Motor Co., Ltd.     CSR Motor provide the traction drive system. The first train will be delivered in around March 2013, and all vehicles will be delivered by June 1, 2014. 

Zheng Changhong, President of CSR, Zhang Jun, Vice President of CSR, Xu Zongxiang, executive director and general manager of CSR Zhuzhou, Ding Rongjun, executive director and general manager of CSR ZELRI, Xu Hongchun, general manager of CSR Urban Rail Division, He Jianbo, Vice Mayor of Zhuzhou City, together with Xu Jie, member of Wuxi Municipal Standing Committee, Zhang Yefei, member of Wuxi Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary-General, Xu Zheng, Chairman of Track Company, etc. attend the ceremony. 

At the signing ceremony, Xu Zheng gives an introduction to the rail traffic in Wuxi City. In the subsequent speech, he expresses his belief that CSR can do a good job of vehicle design, quality, and schedule, and build the secure, quality and technological subway for Wuxi citizens. 

Zheng Changhong states that CSR attaches great importance to this emerging market in Wuxi, and sincerely looks forward to the long-term cooperation of two sides in rail transportation and manufacturing projects. CSR will convergence expert workers to implement the project. After careful planning and meticulous organization, CSR will build high-quality human metro vehicles to give back to the support and trust of the citizens in Wuxi and serve Wuxi’s rail transit construction. 

H Jianbo says that Zhuzhou municipal government will provide quality services for CSR, actively support the advance of the metro project in Wuxi, and strive to make Wuxi Metro Line 1 project a classic work of sincere cooperation of two cities. 

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