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Lanxin High-speed Railway Opened


Three new high-speed railway lines officially opened on Dec 26, including Lanxin high-speed railway which was from Lanzhou to Urumqi. So far,the Lanxin high-speed railway is the longest high-speed railway in the world. After have transport service of the line, it will only take 11 hours from Lanzhou to Urumqi.

Lanxin high-speed railway is 1777 kilometers long, located totally 21 passenger station, including Lanzhou West, Xining, Zhangye West,  Jiayuguan South, Hami,  TurpanNorth, Urumqi South,etc. The railway line is a double line electrified railway designed of national I grade, whose maximum operating speed is 250 km/h. On December 26, there were other two high-speed railways to Guangzhou starting full operation, respectively Guiyang to Guangzhou railway and Nanning to Guangzhou railway. The railways also reduces the travel time from 20 hours to 4 hours between Guiyang and Guangzhou.