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China's Longest Heavy Haul Railway Opened

The first train full of "black gold" started from Watang Station on December 30th, soon to more than 80 kilometers per hour through the Luliang, Taiyue, Taihang and Yimengshan across the Fen River, Yellow River, heading to Rizhao Shijiu port in Shandong Province. This symbolizes that China's first Watang-Rizhao Railway, with 30 tons axle load, transport capacity of 200 million tons per year and a total length of 1269 km, opened to traffic.

The Watang-Rizhao Railway is a large capacity coal channel construction project of national planning of Shanxi Province, which is west from Xingxian Watang town in Shanxi Province, and east to the port of Rizhao in Shandong Province, passing through 3 provinces and 12 cities including Shanxi, Henan, Shandong Province. The route is shorter more than 1500 km compared with passing through the Bohai Bay, significantly saving transportation time and improving transport efficiency.