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The Railway From Lhasa to Nyingchi Has Recently Started to construct

A total length of 402 km railway from Lhasa to Nyingchi has recently started construction. Lalin Railway is located in southern Tibet Valley which is between Kailash, Nyainqêntanglha, and Himalayas, at an elevation of 2800-3700 meters. The railway starts from Kyoei station of Lhasa - Shigatse railway, going south through the Gangdise mountains into the Yarlung Zangbo Valley,after crossing the Brahmaputra in Gongga, going east through   Zhanang, Naidong, Sangri, Gyaca, Lang  County, Milin to Linzhi.

Lalin railway is an important part of Sichuan-Tibet Railway and Yunnan-Tibet Railway in  long-term railway network plan. It is the main channel for passengers and freights exchange in Tibetan and Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, central China, east China and other places. The completion of the railway has important meaning for improving the structure of the railway network in Tibet and the transportation infrastructure conditions along the route, promoting economic and social development in Tibet, and enhancing national unity.