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The Project of Heze to Qufu and Qufu to Linyi Intercity Railways in Lunan Railway Approved

After Qingrong intercity railway, Qingdao high-speed rail, Qinglian railway starting to construct, the construction of Shandong railway gets a good news, which two intercity railways construction project of Lunan railway passenger channel approved by the country recently. Lunan railway passenger channel is the important  "horizontal" in province's "three vertical and three horizontal" fast passengers railway network with a total length of over 510 kilometers, the west gets up from Lankao in Henan Province, Heze, Jining, Linyi to Rizhao.

The line is divided into four sections of the construction. Heze to Qufu and Qufu to Linyi section of this approval with a total length of 323 km gets an investment of 46.8 billion yuan, accounting for nearly 2/3 the mileage of Lunan channel. The preparatory work of Linyi to Rizhao and Lankao to Heze intercity railway projects is synchronically promoting. Lunan railway passenger channel will connect National Expressway at multiple nodes, east connecting Jiaodong Peninsula, south connecting Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai. The line will connect with Beijing Shanghai high-speed rail which has a significance effect in promoting economic and social development in the south region of Shandong province.