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Maitreya-mengzi railway project approved a total investment of 9.42 billion



According to reports, the new Maitreya to mengzi railway was incorporated in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" integrated plan of transportation system, project improves the layout of the railway network ,project promotes Yunnan province economic growth and opening to the outside, approving  projects which submit the project proposal. Construction scheme and technical standards building scheme: the line located in Honghe autonomous prefecture of Yunnan province, which is from Maitreya to Kaiyuan, mengzi, with a length of 116.4 km. Technical standards: state rail levelⅠ, single track, electric traction. Other specific technical standards determined in the stage of feasibility research demonstration. Investment estimation and prediction of project investment amount to 9.42 billion yuan, including engineering investment of 8.91 billion yuan investment, Locomotive vehicle purchase fee of 510 million Yuan. The investment is jointly funded by China Railway Corp and the Yunnan Province.