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CSR and CNR’s Merger Settled


By the end of 2014, China South Locomotive(CSR), China North Locomotive (CNR)announced cooperation programs, the consolidation mode is CSR merging CNR. After the merger, the new company will also inherit and undertake all the assets, liabilities, business, personnel, contract qualification and all other rights and obligations of CSR and CNR. The merged new company may called CRRC Corporation Limited.

This concerned merger was finally settled. The merger of two company is in line with the "one belt and one road" strategic, it will enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the overseas market and be able to stop the fluctuation which is the result of two companies’ market game. But there are also voices concern that the CSR and CNR merger may deviate from the original intention of state-owned enterprises Market reform, "separation" was to prevent monopolies 14 years ago, the competition of the two sides also promote the development.