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​CNR signed 24.2 billion yuan contracts recently

CNR signed 24.2 billion yuan contracts  recently

According to CNR Corporation issued on January 25 evening, the company signed several important contracts recently with a total amount of approximately 24.258 billion yuan, which is about 24.95% of 2013 annual revenues. Above contracts includes many types of high-speed EMU sales contract signed by CNR Changchun track bus Corporation with China Railway Corporation, which is about 4.334 billion yuan; the contracts which is signed with China Railway Corporation subordinates on EMU senior repairing, are about 2.743 billion yuan; the contracts which are signed by Tangshan railway vehicles Co., Ltd. and China Railway Corporation on high-speed EMU sale contract, are about 2.983 billion yuan.

It is worth noting that CNR signed railway and train contracts with many countries. A wholly owned subsidiary of CNR Import & Export Co. and Ghana National Railway departments signed the DMUs export contract, which is amount of 69 million yuan; the company signed meter rail DMUs spare parts supply contract with Argentina interior and the Ministry of transportation with a total amount of 50 million Yuan; a subsidiary of CNR (USA) Inc. and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) signed an export contract on Boston Red Orange Line subway project, the total amount of about 4.118 billion yuan.