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China CSR will Cooperate with Argentina Railway Reconstruction Project

On December 15, Belgrano railway reconstruction projects will purchase locomotives and freight trains from CSR with a total amount of about 1.7 billion yuan. China Mechanical Equipment Engineering Company won the EPC for reconstruction of Belgrano Line, which is a part of Argentina Belgrano railway reconstruction project. The project will require a total of 100 locomotives and 3500 trucks of various types. CSR will provide 80 locomotives include wide-gage and meter-gage locomotives, as well as more than 2,000 Ore hopper trucks, grain hopper trucks and platform wagons. 

As we know, Argentina which is an important purchaser to CSR in railway market has purchased diesel locomotive and railway passenger products as early as 2006. In 2013, Argentina has purchased twice with a total of 709 intercity EMU. The first batch of intercity EMU delivered and put into operation on July 21, 2014.