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Jakarta to Surabaya Railway Will Absorb China Investment

Recently, the Indonesian Ambassador Lahaerzuo introduced that Indonesian President Djoko was very interested in high-speed rail in China, and Indonesian was ready to absorb the power of China's investment in the construction of the Jakarta to Surabaya railway during a media interview.

Rahardjo introduced Djoko had a personally experience on the high-speed rail in China during the 2014 APEC meeting, he welcomed the China's participation in the Indonesian’s infrastructure construction. As China has the leading technology in the infrastructure construction, the president of Indonesian Djoko is very interested in China's high-speed rail technology. Lahaerzuo also said Indonesian really needed high-speed rail which would take a more efficient Vehicle to Jakarta and Indonesia's second largest city Surabaya. It takes more than12 hours from Jakarta to Surabaya by train at present. If high-speed Rail is introduced, perhaps only four or five hours will need.

Indonesia will consider the introduction of High-speed Rail in the future. Currently, the government has proposed the development of railway Jakarta to Surabaya, and we will attract foreign investors, including China.