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Railway Bureau Approves The Design Standard of High-speed Railway

Recently, the China National Railway Bureau approves the railway industry standard the Design Standard of High-speed Railway,which will take effect on Feb 1,2015. It is China's first officially design industry standard of high-speed railway, it will provide a full set of construction standard support for the development of Chinese high-speed railway as well as the plan of high-speed railway " going global " strategy. The new released Standard implements security priority principle, it specifies clearly only EMU trains can run on the high-speed railway and enhances security features design; the Standard highlights the design requirements of "people-oriented", convenient, fast, comfortable and integrated transport to improve service quality; it emphasizes "four saving one protecting" green construction concept which is energy saving, water saving, material saving and protect environment in the High-speed Rail building life cycle; it focus on combining with national conditions, the level of economic, social development, the requests of traffic and the environment conditions in China, it optimizes speed matching, equipment and professional design parameters ,the design of high-speed railway scheduling system in the condition of complex railway net, so that the technical standards will be more in line with a systematic, advanced, mature and economically reasonable requirements.