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30 tons Axle Load Power AC Drive Electric Locomotive Passed a Trial Review

The first 30 tons axle load power AC drive electric locomotive “harmony 2F” is an independent innovation by China CNR Datong Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd., recently passed a trial review.

Electric locomotive “harmony 2F” is the latest research in the field of Chinese high-speed railway heavy-haul locomotives. The locomotive which is called the railroad "Super Hercules" increases the domestic electric locomotive axle load from 25 tons to 30 tons, its towing capacity increased 20% in the same power supply, so that each locomotive can tow more 15 to 20 carriages. Electric locomotive “harmony 2F” is the iconic product of China's future heavy freight railway. The probation appraisal is an important node in shape design of railway locomotives, after the trial review, the “harmony 2F” electric locomotive will begin 200000 kilometers examination, lying the foundation for gaining the final market "pass".