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World's biggest power hybrid locomotives and dual fuel locomotives become available


There are 3000-horsepower gasoline-electric hybrid locomotives (on the right) and a 5000-horsepower dual-fuel diesel locomotive (on the left) in the picture.

On January 28, the world's most powerful 3000-horsepower gasoline-electric hybrid locomotives and 5000-horsepower dual fuel diesel locomotives were available in CSR Ziyang company. Petrol-electric hybrid locomotives are powered by diesel engines and large-capacity battery, the -famous feature is saving energy and reducing emissions; dual fuel locomotives issued on the same day, which is the world's largest power (5000 horsepower rating) locomotive and the first using of the LNG (liquefied natural gas) clean energy as the main fuel in the locomotive. The debut of two new fuel locomotives is the world's important achievements of diesel locomotive development in the new energy domain.