Jiangmen-Zhanjiang railway brings great changes in one year

2019-07-08 09:16:39
Summary:The Jiangmen-Zhanjiang section of the Shenzhen-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway [Photo by Long Chengtong Guangzhou Daily]T

The Jiangmen-Zhanjiang section of the Shenzhen-Zhanjiang High-speed Railway, which was officially opened on July 1, 2018, is ushering in its first anniversary. As of June 25, it has served 14.25 million passengers in total, an average of 39,000 passengers a day, with a maximum daily delivery of 83,000 passengers. 

The Jiangmen-Zhanjiang Railway has brought great changes to western Guangdong province in the past year. It has shortened the travel time between eastern and western Guangdong, as well as promoted the urban integration of the province. The railway has also greatly improved the tourism economy of Jiangmen, Maoming, Yangjiang, and Zhanjiang. Tourist attractions such as Taishan Hot Spring, Yangjiang Hailing Island, and Kaiping Diaolou have seen the number of visitors they have received by more than half of their previous total. 

In addition, the railway also helps poverty alleviation efforts as it connects 13 cities and towns in western Guangxi, setting up a link between the urban economy and the rural economy.

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