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Beijing Ally Information Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive industry media and professional information service platform covering railway, wind energy and photovoltaic industry. Ally Information upholds the "integrity, rigorous and professional" service concept. We creates more values for our customers by authority and senior media communications, international convention and exhibition services, excellent and efficient project planning and management, professional observation and market analyzing ability, impeccable customer service mechanism,dedicated service attitude.

Media Authority
World Railway Magazine——Monthly comprehensive magazine focus on the economic, business, marketing, management, operations, information and technology development.
World Railway Market Weekly (Chinese / English E-version)——Latest market information directly sending with paperless and low-carbon.
World Railway Information Website—— Daily updating industry information about the latest dynamic development of the industry.
Railway Equipment Website——Searching Chinese railway equipment, the best way for suppliers to understand the market.

Information Exchanges
As a platform, World Railway Development and Research Society integrates government, academic, research and enterprise resource at home and abroad. We establishs rail industry exchange platform of globalization by holding various forms of meeting, training, exhibition and forum every year.
World Railway Forum - To select a hot topic to study and summary in-depth.
Study Tours - Organize domestic and foreign industry experts and leaders to conduct international and domestic tours, to set up a bridge to promote communication and cooperation home and abroad.

Marketing & PR
Market Research —— Market environment research from design, construction, manufacturing, operation (Railway Bureau) to maintenance, for individual or series products in the field of rail industry.
Brand Promotion —— Ally Information has practical experience in marketing and promotion planning, and has formed including core business management system, brand management, interactive marketing and media buying.
Public Relations —— Organize various types of marketing conference and exhibition for enterprises.
Strategic Planning —— Accurate diagnosis by the expert group. Combined the national macro policy with market demand, direction for enterprise development, marketing type and product strategy to provide the rational development planning

Professional Consultation
Comment Weekly——Based on strong internal and external experts and industry operators, we collect major event and related policies news in time for you to integrate massive information and abstract its value.
Research Report——We in-depth study the macro-economic environment of the industry comprehensively for you, analyse the industry policy and industry trends, estimate the size of the market, survey potential market segments, describe the value chain, help you to grasp the changes in the market and industry trends, and understand the industry’s development potential.
Customized Information——We provide professional information for enterprises of their own, markets, media and the competitors, and dynamic media monitoring information, industry information, market information, competitive intelligence, and other content.
Customized Consultation——According to your personalized demand, we provide services such as the basic data, the market environment research, product market research, consumer behavior research, business management consultation, and etc. 

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