Sanmenxia plans to invest 60b yuan in key projects in 2018

2018-02-25 11:07:45
Summary:Sanmenxia in Henan province plans to construct 221 municipal projects worth over 60 billion yuan ($9 5 billion) in 2018

Sanmenxia in Henan province plans to construct 221 municipal projects worth over 60 billion yuan ($9.5 billion) in 2018.

A total of 34.7 billion yuan will be thrown into 138 projects aimed at boosting production in the advanced manufacturing and modern service and agriculture sectors, as well as strengthening aluminum alloy casting and deep processing, electric automobile production, and logistics services.

Another 11.3 billion yuan will go toward 15 projects aimed at building Sanmenxia into a transportation hub in the Yellow River Golden Triangle Area, which includes Yuncheng and Linfen city in Shanxi province, Sanmenxia city in Henan province, and Weinan city in Shaanxi province.

Priority will be given to projects such as the Menghua Railway (Inner Mongolia-Jiangxi Railway), Mianchi-Yuanqu Expressway, and Yellow River Rail-road Bridge.

In order to enhance urban capacity and competitiveness, Sanmenxia will promote the development of multifunctional underground pipeline corridors, get rid of shanty towns, and carry out a variety of other infrastructure projects.

Development will be environmentally sound, with seven projects aimed at protecting nature reserves and reclaiming abandoned mining areas.

Strong efforts to improve the quality of life of residents are being made as well, with new schools, hospitals, and elderly care centers being built, and residents in poor living conditions being resettled.

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